Living Innovation

What's the name about?

- it's about doing innovation for a living and living to be innovative. It's in the DNA, can't help it...

Ambitious & Sustainable


Let's be ambitious. Let's create success that's anchored in great customer experiences, - that's sustainable.



Business Sparring


It's said that we ask the harder questions - the ones that makes you and your company grow...


Do you work in alignment with your values? Doing that ignites your engagement and chances that you succeed will improve significantly.

What is success for you? Let's define it - then you will get there, step by step, and importantly - enjoy the process as well!

Customer Engagement


Why settle for less that over budget and a happy team? For ambitious teams with taste for development and celebrating success.


'Customer Engagement' starts with a check and 'diagnosis', on your customer interactions and processes. Together we set the ''next best practice' and add 'the secret ingredient' that leaves you with a confident, happy team celebrating that targets are more than met. How - having the customer as the center of why, what and how.

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